Golf Participants

2018 Golf Participants

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Attendee Company Hdcp Clubs Group
Aug Brian Rhino Energy LLC 18 Bringing
Basgall Robert Koch Carbon 20 Bringing
Braithwaite Robert Consol Energy Inc. 6 Bringing
Campbell Rodney Mineral Labs, Inc 18 Right handed mens'
Cornelius BJ Murray Energy Corp 10 Bringing
Cox Andrew W Murray Energy Corp 13 Bringing
Devlin Andrew American Commercial Barge Line 25 Bringing
Dueweke Christian LafargeHolcim US Inc. 20 Right handed mens'
Eaves Van East Side River Transportation 7 Bringing
Fisher Blake Canada Steamship Lines 30 Bringing
Gold Jason Glencore Ltd. 21 Right handed mens'
Hicks Terry Appalachian Railcar Services 17 Bringing
Hicks Steven White Stallion Energy 12 Bringing
Host Jr David T Parker Host, Inc 10 Bringing
Kaelin Larry Indiana Rail Road Company 10 Right handed mens'
Keeshan John Simpson Spence Young NA Bringing
King Bruce Lhoist North America 20 Right handed mens'
Lawson David Norfolk Southern Corporation 8.5 Bringing
Lyon Paul Mineral Labs, Inc 18 Right handed mens'
May Terence Associated Terminals LLC 20 Bringing
Mayer Scott Peabody Coalsales, LLC 012 Left handed mens'
Mcbride Debra SGS North America, Inc. 20 Right handed ladies'
Mcconaghy John Glencore Ltd. 20 Right handed mens'
Mccoy Tim CMC-Coal Marketing DAC 11 Right handed mens'
Mccune Rob Crounse Corporation NA Bringing
Mcevilly Michael East Side River Transportation 14 Bringing
Mckenzie Kenneth WATCO 20 Bringing
Miller Larry Atico 18 Left handed mens'
Moran Ignacio CMC-Coal Marketing DAC 28 Right handed mens'
Morrison Alexander Tamarack Resources 27 Bringing
Nettles William Lakeland Electric 30
Ohlson John Southern Company 25 Bringing
Pringle Justin T. Parker Host 28 Right handed mens'
Rafter Michael RPM Solutions 20 Right handed mens'
Ragan Creston Peabody Corporation 36 Right handed mens'
Ricketts Matt Crounse Corporation NA
Wooten Greg Natural Resource Partners 18 Right handed mens'
Ziegert David TCP Petcoke 34 Bringing