Golf Participants

2020 Golf Participants

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Attendee Company Hdcp Clubs Group
Will Amos Amos Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. 18 Bringing
Robert Basgall Koch Carbon 25 Right handed mens'
Peter Bradley Javelin Global Commodities (UK) Ltd 11 Right handed mens'
Bob Braithwaite Consol Energy Inc. 7 Bringing
Joe Elberts SunCoke Energy NA Bringing
Chris Fasy Murray Energy Corporation NA Bringing
Nick Garrels Koch Carbon 36 Right handed mens'
Scott Keener Koch Carbon 5 Bringing
John Keeshan Simpson Spence Young 13 Right handed mens'
Nick Keys DTE Energy 14 Bringing
Zach Kroh Robindale 20 Bringing
Terry May Associated Terminals LLC 22 Bringing
Debby McBride SGS North America Inc. 20 Right handed ladies'
Tim McCoy CMC Coal Marketing 11 Right handed mens'
Kevin McEwan P&L Railway 15 Bringing
Bill Mcnally MCNALLY Mr 28 Right handed mens'
Larry Miller Atico 18 Left handed mens'
Nacho Moran CMC - Coal Marketing 34 Right handed mens'
Mike Nelson Swiss Singapore Inc. 24
William Nettles Lakeland Electric 30 Bringing
John Ohlson Southern Company NA
Chris Reck Paducah & Louisville Railway 20 Bringing
Mark-anthony Rodriguez Vistra Energy 34 Right handed mens'
Tim Whelan Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. 18 Right handed mens'
Greg Wooten Natural Resource Partners 18 Right handed mens'
Greg Wooten Natural Resource Partners 18 Right handed mens'