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Dr. Lars Schernikau - With two decades immersed in the commodity industry, his journey began at The Boston Consulting Group in the USA and Germany from 1997 to 2003, shaping his deep understanding of global markets. Lars also managed a Germany based wind farm from 2003 to 2006.

As a co-founder, shareholder, and former board member of the supervisory board at both HMS Bergbau AG and IchorCoal NV – German-based, publicly listed, international commodity marketing and mining companies – Lars´ experience spans across Europe, Asia,Africa, and North America. He has founded, steered, and advised enterprises across the global raw material sector, leaving a lasting imprint.

Currently, Lars directs his expertise towards further enhancing HMS’ global commodity operations and driving energy and commodity marketing across Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Indian subcontinent. Notably, HMS has been a key player in coal, ore, and cementitious product marketssince 1995. The company develops and operates various logistics and mining assets.

Beyond the commodity business, Dr. Schernikau is a renowned energy economist and keynote speaker at global energy and commodity forums world-wide. His counsel on macro and energy economics extends to governments, banks, educational institutions, and conglomerates, shaping energy policies. With published books, scientific research, and press articles on energy policy and raw materials, his insights are held in high esteem. Lars has also peer-reviewed energy related books and research paper.

His latest book, “The Unpopular Truth… about Electricity and the Future of Energy,” discusses the energy transition and how to meet global growing energy demand from an energy economic point of view.

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Lars studied Finance at New York University, received his MBA from INSEAD in France, and earned his doctoral degree in economics with focus on energy, commodities, and coal at the Technical University Berlin, Germany. He currently lives primarily in Switzerland and Singapore.