Seth Schwartz

Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA) Inc. Arlington, Virginia


Mr. Schwartz is the Managing Director of the consulting firm of Energy Ventures Analysis, and was one of the founders of the firm in 1981. He and his firm specialize in applied analysis of energy markets, including power, coal, natural gas, oil, renewables and emissions. EVA publishes regular reports on energy markets, including forecasts of supply, demand and prices. EVA’s clients include energy consumers, producers and transporters as well as investors and regulators. Mr. Schwartz manages EVA’s coal consulting practice, which includes market studies, investment analysis, procurement operations, property valuations and transaction services. Mr. Schwartz testifies on energy markets before courts and regulatory agencies and has served as an arbitrator in contract disputes. He has served as CEO of Centennial Resources, a Kentucky coal producer, and Atlantic Carbon, an anthracite producer. He has served on the board of directors for several energy companies and has been an agent for coal procurement activities. He received a degree in Geological Engineering from Princeton University in 1977.